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Women are better than men to taste wine

Women are better than men to taste wine

A study by Food Quality and Preference magazine reveals that women are more predisposed to tasting drinks than men.

The discovery came after an evaluation carried out with 200 people in different age groups, with the tasting of six types of wine: one rosé, two whites and three reds.

To explain the research results, the researchers added that the conclusion is related to the emotional level that both genders have when tasting the wine. Thus, the scientists explained, men usually have a more resistant behavior with drinking, and for this reason, they cannot notice the difference between the flavors.

Women, on the other hand, are not carried away by emotion and are more rational when tasting, which allows them to have an even more sensory experience. On the other hand, the female sense of smell is more 'sharp', which contributes to an easier perception of different flavors in foods.

Another research, carried out in 2014 by the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICB), of the University of Rio de Janeiro reinforces previous conclusions, concluding that women have 50% more cells in the olfactory bulb, the brain region responsible for processing aromas.

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